All 4 DOSOMAT types have a solid, modular design and are appropriate for operation in wet rooms. All product contact parts, like the machine table, coverings, and a number of other elements are made of high quality stainless steel and special plastics. All DOSOMAT machines are tested for safety and have a test certificate (TUV, GS, CSA, FDA, etc.)

Dosing Unit
The mechanically driven dosing unit works on the piston principle and ensures filling with absolute care and accuracy. Product aspiration is realized via the feed tank, or in case of high-viscosity products, by direct feed via equalizing pistons. The dosing range can be regulated by a hand wheel, on demand electrically by pushbutton or controlled by a connected check-weigher The appropriate filling valves are available for different specific products, e.g. a special rotary cutter for stringy pet food, or tappet valves for very liquid and thin products. All filling units can be supplied with CIP. Special designs, like auger fillers for powdery products (e. g. soup powder) or multi-head weighers for products mixed with solids (e. g. shrimps) are available as well. 

A very wide range of different packaging materials can be handled on DOSOMAT machines; the cups or lids may be made of paper, plastic, coex, aluminum , tin or glass.

The most common closure types are: snap -on lids, heat seal lids (aluminum or plastic foils), combinations of heat sealing and snap-on lid, foil and recipe insert, sealing closure for plastic and aluminum packaging to be pasteurized and sterilized, ultrasonic sealing, high-frequency sealing, sealing from roll stock with integrated cutting unit. Apart from these closures, we also offer to work out specific solutions for the particular requirements of our customers. 

Cup sizes
The diameter of the DOSOMAT rotary table and the size of the sections allow the filling of standard or special sized cups in several lanes. 

Filling Different Cup Sizes
The machine is designed to allow a quick change for handling other cup shapes and sizes, This means that, within a short time, you can change from one cup size to another. 

Different types of coding are possible: Coding with quick drying ink (exchangeable ink cartridges) on the lid or cup bottom Heat embossing into cup bottom (adjustable temperature) Hot stamping with ink ribbon into lid or cup bottom. Cold embossing into lid tab or bottom of aluminum containers. Labelling Ink-jet unit 

Electric Control
The control cabinet in stainless steel is pivot mounted on the machine and suitable for operation in wet rooms. Control by free-programmable PLC. Well and clearly arranged operating elements, plain text display. Compressed air control in most modem design with low-maintenance valve blocks, automatic limit value control and easy-to service plug connections. 

Operating Facility
Automatic machine run, automatic start and stop, automatic machine stop with plain text display of the error, CIP execution on demand, easy and quick change to other cup sizes, low - Maintenance design of the machine, central greasing - Fully automatic on demand, wear parts easy to exchange, etc

Waldner DOSOMAT equipment

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